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Porcupine Mountains and Lake of the Clouds

The Porcupine Mountains and Lake of the Clouds are within minutes of our front door and are truly sights to see. Whether viewed from the easily accessible scenic overlook or after a semi-rugged trek to the land below, Lake of the Clouds in The Wilds of Michigan is a sigh to behold. Eagles soar overhead while the deer lap from the Lake. Take a 100-yard stroll to see the broad sweep of the Carp River Valley that includes the sheer cliffs of the escarpment trail and the lofty swell of the Porcupine Range.

Adventure Mine

The Adventure Mine is fun for the whole family. With varying levels of difficulty, the fun can be as exciting as you’d like. Explore history, geology, trek underground or take a bike ride through these ruins from the 1800s. Rappel 80′ into the lower level of the mine. Become a miner, luckily with a flashlight instead of a candle! Your experience, your choice. Learn about the rocks and minerals that create The Wilds of Michigan. Open late-May through mid-October.

Greenland Raceway or Adventure Mountain Speedway

The Adventure Mountain Speedway is a 1/3 mile dirt oval located at the Ontonagon County Fairgrounds just south of Greenland, Michigan. Sponsored by The Mountain Lions, featuring 4 Cylinder Stingers, Bombers, Street Stock and Midwest Modified. The Greenland Raceway or Adventure Mountain Speedway also offers great family fun at the Friday Night Races.


For more information call 906-885-5800.

Rockland Museum

Visit the Rockland Museum where the social history of every day life is displayed through room set-ups and outdoor displays. Enjoy the stories volunteers tell about Rockland as you look through the binders of old photographs. Don’t miss out on the outdoor jail cell display, the little red barn with mining and farming paraphernalia and the impressive section of wood pipeline from the Victoria Dam. Call the Rockland Activity Center at (906) 886-2821 for more information or email

The Paulding Light

Have you ever experienced a mystery such as the unexplainable Paulding Light? This mysterious light appears in a valley that lies outside of Paulding, Michigan. Popular folklore provides such explanations as ghosts, geologic activity, or swamp gas. The light can be seen all the way from Robbins Pond Road- let us show you the way!

Fishing Charters

The Western UP provides excellent fishing opportunities for Pike, Walleye, Bass or Trout. Let an expert guide charter your trip and help you hook a “big one” for tonight’s dinner!


Old Victoria Village

The Old Victoria Village gives you a taste of what it would be like to live in a small mining town. This picturesque ghost town of Old Victoria is one of the first sites ever mined for copper in the new world. Four buildings have been restored, two boarding houses, a single family dwelling, and a bachelors and others are in the midst of reconstruction. Guided tours are available to take you through the rooms furnished with period antiques reminiscent of the people that once lived there. 

Ontonagon Theater of Performing Arts

The newly renovated Ontonagon Theater of Performing Arts offers a wide variety of entertainment for all! From fundraisers, events, or informational programming, this theater serves as a great resource for all! For more information on shows and events visit their website at

Ontonagon Historical Museum

The Ontonagon Historical Museum offers a great look into Ontonagon’s history of mining, logging, farming, and marine heritage. Call 906-884-6165 for more information.

Ontonagon Lighthouse

The Ontonagon Lighthouse was built in the 1850’s and used until January 1964. Tours are available and special events are held on the lighthouse property. For more information visit

or call (906) 884-6165.

Downtown Ontonagon

Visit downtown Ontonagon, a charming, small town with dining, shopping, and quaint streets. This tucked-away old harbor town at the mouth of the U.P’s longest river offers quaint beauty and visual delight.

Caledonia Mine

The Caledonia Mine is a unique experience for all ages, only minutes from Sunshine! Located in the side of a mountain overlooking the beautiful valley of the Flintsteel River, this mining adventure allows hands on experience of all ages. Visitors are able to collect rocks and minerals from rock piles built from the original ore left from the mining days. Rocks and minerals include native copper, silver, datolite, quartz, feldspar, calcite and epidote; all very unique and beautiful! 

Copper Peak

Built in 1969, Copper Peak is North America’s only ski flying hill. Copper Peak is also the largest ski jump in the world rising some 241 feet above the crest of a 365-foot coopper- bearing outcrop known as “Chippewa Hill”. See amazing views from the top of the ramp (if you are brave enough to climb to the top) and experience the feelings of the ski flyer’s themselves! Visit for more information.

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